Yandex Retro Games Battle 2020

В субботу, 12 декабря, прошла церемония объявления победителей.

Первое место заняла игра команды Пьяная Муха — Marsmare: Alienation, набравшая 180 баллов.

2 место присуждено игре White Jaguar: Valley of Orinoko от Романа Варфоломеева — 169 баллов.

3 место досталось Джону Конолли из группы PROSM и игре Cosmic Payback — 165 баллов.

Приз зрительских симпатий в этом году достался игре Marsmare: Alienation — по итогам зрительского голосования она набрала 278 лайков.

Yandex Retro Games Battle 2019

В пятницу, 13 декабря, прошла церемония награждения и вручение призов.

Первое место заняла игра команды ZOSYA entertainment — Valley of Rains, набравшая 185 баллов.

2 место присуждено игре Space Monsters meet the Hardy от команды Mayhem & Conscience168 баллов.

3 место досталось Денису Грачёву и игре Yazzie162 балла.

За приз зрительских симпатий голосовало 441 человек, которые оценивали игры от 1 до 10 баллов. Наибольшее кол-во баллов набрала игра Valley of Rains — 1416.

Видеозапись церемонии награждения

Valley of Rains

Жанр : arcade (shoot ’em up)

Автор : ZOSYA entertainment (team)

Описание :

My mother is a Water Lily, the most beautiful flower on earth. My father is an Ant, the most powerful creature on earth. The volcano gave me fire. A wagtail gave me blessings for my feats. I set out to bring life back to the Valley of Rains.

1 место — 175 баллов

1 место — 1416 баллов

Выбор зрителей

Space Monsters meet THE HARDY

Жанр : platform shooter

Автор : MAYhEM & CONSCIENCE (team)

Описание :

Your task is to find and neutralize the head of the space monsters that lurks in a multi-level maze. There are special elevators to move between the levels. You will first have to find the key for each elevator. But not everything is so straightforward: both are well protected. And in addition to the monsters themselves, you will find many obstacles of varying degrees of complexity: from the completely harmless bubbles that simply block your way to deadly drips that kill the very first time. But the main enemy is time, which is relentlessly diminishing with every second … All you have in your arsenal is a laser gun and your faithful fast feet. Get a move on! And good luck!

2 место — 162 балла

2 место — 1298 баллов


Жанр : arcade

Автор : Denis Grachyov

Описание :

A careless gold seeker wandered into a strange mansion full of traps. You need to help the gold digger collect all the gold while avoiding cunning enemies.

3 место — 155 баллов

3 место — 1294 балла


Жанр : racing simulator

Автор : ZOSYA entertainment (team)

Описание :

Five cars, six stages, three-dimensional tracks, and 360-degree panoramas. Join the championship with 16 competitors in two classes: amateur and professional. Realistic engine sounds, real-life locations, car damage and repair, optional dynamic shadowing, right-hand or left-hand drive – you choose.

4 место — 153 балла

4 место — 1282 балла

Just a Gal

Жанр : racing simulator

Автор : ZOSYA entertainment (team)

Описание :

Motorcycle racer Maureen Miles competes in the circuit racing world series. The goal of the game is to win the world championship by completing all 24 stages. Rivals differ in strength: the fastest of them will compete for victory in the championship. The game features championship modes, single races, and qualifying rounds. Watch out for false starts and use the slipstream.

5 место — 147 баллов

12 место — 1058 баллов

Hunt Buck: Nuclear Defence

Жанр : arcade quest

Автор : Red Triangle (team)

Описание :

While investigating a case of a strange animal attack, agent Hunt Buck once again confronts his long-time nemesis – Professor Reckless. You can help him solve this mystery by communicating with other characters, collecting items, solving logic problems, and shooting at aggressive locals.

6 место — 146 баллов

6 место — 1256 баллов

RoboBro Episode 1

Жанр : platform

Автор : Hippiman & Conscience (team)

Описание :

In this game, you need to help Robo complete dangerous levels, overcome difficulties, and at the end of the episode, defeat the boss. To fully immerse yourself in the game, you need to run it on the original ZX Spectrum with a disk drive and TR-DOS or on a local emulator, since the online emulator does not support TR-DOS format, and the game runs in a stripped-down mode (minus sound and menus).

7 место — 141 балл

13 место — 1047 баллов

Ernesto`s Adventures

Жанр : roguelike puzzle

Автор : Outsiders & NedoPC (team)

Описание :

In a small mountain settlement, local residents are being terrorized by monsters from nearby caves: vegetable gardens are trampled, water is spilled, and pets are stolen. But among the people there is a braveheart named Ernesto. He decided that he could come to an agreement with Maraken, the cave king, so the monsters' spirit would no longer come to the village. Ernesto gathered his shoulder bag, put on his father's armor, and set off to the dark caves. His path will be difficult – the caves are teeming with monsters and traps. No one knows what awaits him, how the cave king will receive him, and whether it will be possible to come to an agreement.

8 место — 137 баллов

15 место — 937 баллов

The Order of Sleeping Dragon

Жанр : RPG

Автор : Drunken Fly (team)

Описание :

For centuries, a mysterious order has kept its secrets. But times are hard, and it's time to open all the maps. The hero, a simple country fellow, tries to survive, seek his revenge and free the world from epic evil — and free the golden chests of their contents. In small villages and a big city, in dense forests and across scorched lands – evil minions and aggressive monsters try to prevent him from achieving his goals. However, our hero, who is no stranger to foul play, treachery and the loss of all hope, is equipped with a sword, a healing cheese, and secret knowledge – he can overcome all these trials. Or maybe not.

9 место — 129 баллов

11 место — 1098 баллов

Automated Cave Explorer

Жанр : arcade puzzle

Автор : Alexey Borisov

Описание :

After the demise of humanity, the automated archaeological station continues its work. This time, its main task is to extract four artifacts from bunkers covered with stones. To open a passageway to the next floor, you need to collect crystals with energy stored in them.

10 место — 127 баллов

9 место — 1171 балл

Quest For Elements

Жанр : platform

Автор : Anatoly Kuris

Описание :

You are an astronaut who has arrived on a distant planet to gather as many elements of life as possible. These elements are necessary for humanity to survive in the distant future. Your mission is to go from the landing site to a point with an energy beacon, from where you will travel back to Earth. While collecting the elements of life, be careful to avoid coming into contact with the local deadly flora and fauna. Also, try not to jump from a great height — landing from high altitudes can be fatal.

11 место — 119 баллов

5 место — 1270 баллов


Жанр : platform puzzle

Автор : Vyacheslav Tretyak

Описание :

A platform game with multiple characters where the action takes place in a zoo. Switch between heroes and interact with them to get to the necessary endpoints.

12 место — 117 баллов

8 место — 1200 баллов

Mantra Kill

Жанр : platform

Автор : Denis Radiontsev

Описание :

Ning wakes up in a cave in the mountains of China and meets the sage Lao Tzu. Together with our hero, you will plunge into the horrors of dark caves and strive to find a way out. Who are you and what lengths are you willing to go to get out of this endless nightmare? Who you will be at the end of the road is up to you.

13 место — 115 баллов

10 место — 1146 баллов


Жанр : arcade

Автор : Andrey Efimov

Описание :

Robo-stalker has to turn on the teleportation machine and collect the parts for the navigation board, moving from room to room. Moving robots and stationary guns will confront him.

14 место — 103 балла

14 место — 972 балла

Alone in dark maze

Жанр : maze

Автор : Dmitry Krapivin

Описание :

You find yourself in a dark maze. To get out of it, you need to find a special artifact. There are a lot of doors and keys in the maze — they will help you move forwards. But in order to do this, you need to overcome eight monsters, and an encounter with them costs a life. Hint: a bubble will help fight off monsters.

15 место — 101 балл

16 место — 922 балла

Sochi Nights

Жанр : adventure, racing simulator

Автор : SGL Team (team)

Описание :

After an unusual discovery, our hero sets off on a road trip from Moscow to Sochi. The game is set against a background of local Russian locations, combining top-down and racing game mechanics.

16 место — 75 баллов

18 место — 775 баллов

Little Mouse Adventure

Жанр : text quest

Автор : Vladislav Bauer

Описание :

A small but very brave mouse was caught by a boy and put in a cage. You need to help the mouse escape the cage, but be careful – there is a wily cat nearby!

17 место — 73 балла

17 место — 801 балл

Interceptor 2020

Жанр : space shooter

Автор : Ilya Prokhorov

Описание :

Pilot a spaceship and fight with alien invaders.

18 место — 71 балл

19 место — 664 балла